Induction Video

Induction Video

A very specific type of training video offered by Wateva Productions is the induction video. This type of production is typically reserved for new recruits as an introduction to an organisation. A comprehensive induction video contains general information about the company's philosophy, values, structure and history. It also covers mandatory health, safety and legal information. Finally, material relevant to the specific job the employee has been hired to perform is included to clearly spell out methods, timescales and performance expectations. Some of this information may be relatively dry, if not delivered in a creative manner. A quality video will inject interest and variety into the presentation of this valuable information to ensure that it is absorbed and retained.

Induction videos are becoming increasingly important from a legal perspective. Investing in a well-planned, professionally compiled induction video ensures that you, the employer, are legally covered. Rather than relying on existing staff to pass on knowledge and risk valuable information being left out of such informal training, the standardisation of the induction process through the use of video ensures that the excuse of 'not knowing' no longer holds any weight.

The induction video may be one of the first impressions of your organisation that a new employee receives. A professionally produced video will impress them and ensure that they feel secure and positive about their decision to take up employment with you.

A comprehensive induction video will ensure that new members of staff settle in quickly. Streamlining the process for new recruits will ensure that they become productive contributors to your organisation more timeously.

Finally, a good induction video is a valuable asset that forms the building blocks of your organisation. Should you have a number of branches or offices, the same video can be used in multiple locations to ensure continuity in the training received by new recruits across the board. The opportunity for repeated use of the product ensures that an induction video by Wateva Productions is an investment that guarantees a great return.