Live Event Video

Live Event Video

Do you require an event to be filmed on-site and in real-time? The expertise of the team at Wateva Productions isn't confined to a studio. Our portable systems ensure that we are well equipped to shoot great film on location to capture the live action at your event.

Live event video can be displayed concurrently with a live performance. The impact of the action is magnified as it can be relayed to larger screens, in multiple positions, across your venue. Ensuring that all of your guests have a virtual front row seat at the proceedings is guaranteed to increase the audiences' involvement and level of interest. Video shot live can also be used as a backdrop to the main event, be it a fashion show or concert.

Live event video can be used to share the event with those who are unable to attend. By utilising our high quality footage for webcasts or satellite broadcasts, you can increase the size of your audience considerably and boost the impact of your event.

Our team is highly skilled when it comes to working on location. Wateva Productions guarantees you a professional service. Our cameramen have learnt to operate unobtrusively to be certain that their work doesn't interfere with or detract from the main event in any way.

Wateva Productions offers live-to-tape recording to capture the magic of your live event. We are happy to provide you with a DVD or Blu-Ray package should you so require. Be sure that the benefits of your function or seminar extend beyond the event itself. A live event video can be replayed as often as is useful turning a once off event into a multiple-use marketing or instructional tool. It's an investment that pays for itself over and over again. Contact us today to discuss your live event video production needs.