Safety Video

Safety Video

Injuries in the workplace can cost your business in a number of ways. Safety training shouldn't however, be undertaken merely to avoid litigation or loss of efficiency. The safety of your staff, contractors and visitors is your responsibility, Wateva Productions specialises in the production of safety videos to assist you in creating a safe working environment, ensuring that you reap the rewards of a healthy and compliant facility.

Mishaps in the workplace can have a number of negative impacts on your company. Accidents result in down-time which reduces your efficiency. The loss of skilled workers to injury results in decreased productivity whilst incurring the additional costs of the employment and training of temporary staff. Neglecting the safety of your employees increases your payments to health insurance benefits, workers compensation and medical treatment. Finally, there is the potential expense of litigation. Trade Unions have ensured that the workforce is increasingly aware of their rights - it is essential that you attain regulatory compliance.

Safety at work doesn't only include the prevention of large scale disasters, something as simple as your staff sitting in non-ergonomic task chairs for prolonged periods can cost you in efficiency lost to sick days and doctor's visits.

Wateva Productions will customise your safety video making it specific not only to your industry, but your work place. In order for a safety video to be truly successful, it is essential that a risk analysis of your premises occur prior to filming. The more thorough the inspection identifying specific safety hazards - what, where and how an injury can occur - the more informative and effective the safety video will be.

The benefits of video in safety training are significant. Your target audience is more likely to engage when being shown video footage of their environment and re-enactments of their day to day tasks than listening to a lecture. Video communicates the safety message both more effectively and quickly than other media. It is a medium that is easy to digest - reading through a safety manual is more likely to put workers to sleep than result in real learning. The addition of sound tracks in another language allows workers to learn in their mother tongue - increasing understanding and retention.

A Wateva Productions safety video will save your company time and money. Operate with a clear conscience - become safety compliant today.