Training Video

training video

Education and training is vital to the growth and sustainability of every business. A training video from Wateva Productions is an effective tool for introducing new employees to your company, its products and services. The look and feel of the production can be used to familiarise a new recruit with your brand identity and corporate culture.

No matter how valuable the content of your training message, the impact it has on its' audience is directly related to the delivery. Successful learning will only occur if your audiences' attention is engaged. A professionally compiled training video ensures that your message is communicated in the best way possible - every time. It guarantees a consistency in the delivery of information from department to department, branch to branch and country to country within your organisation. A well-produced training video is a valuable resource that can be used as many times as the information remains relevant.

The South African workforce is one of the most linguistically diverse in the world. A Wateva Productions' training video offers the benefit of additional language tracks. Learning in their first language will maximise your audiences' understanding.

Vox pops can be used to facilitate peer to peer learning. In the event that employees have a negative attitude toward management, hearing the message from a peer may increase its credibility. Ideas that are communicated in colloquial language in an informal manner can, in some instances, be more effectively internalised.

Instructional video is an invaluable device for effective demonstration - be it manual operation procedures or interpersonal skills - actors can be used to highlight key points in memorable ways.

A well-edited video, where the scene changes to enhance the storyline and create a flow of action, is more likely to hold the audiences' attention and reinforce the message than a static presentation.

Video can be integrated with graphics and captions to emphasise key learning points or break the material up into easily digested, logical chapters.

Maximise the effectiveness of your training spend by commissioning a Wateva Productions training video. We will deliver a customised solution to your training needs. Investment in a resource that pays for itself, over and over, is money well spent.